Glimpses of Shirpur

Shirpur is a modern town of the 21st century with a population of about 75 thousand. The place is situated at 52 kilometres away from Dhule on The National Highway-3.

The city is blessed with the brimming Tapi River–called as ‘Lifeline of North Maharashtra;. Shirpur city is having a well-constructed road and street light facilities which have given it a vista of the big city.

The Shipur Municipal Corporation has bagged the first prize for the consecutive two terms from Santa Gadge Baba Swachhata Abhiyan - The Government Maharashtra.

The city takes pride in planting and growing more than 1.5 lakh Neem Trees in its periphery - exactly doubled in the number of its population. Due to which citizens of Shirpur are enjoying the oxygen rich air.

To our surprise The Shirpur Municipal Corporation is providing R.O mineralized water to each and every member of Shirpur.

Flourishing gardens, the state- of- the art amusement park and laser show adds new look to the city.

Shirpurian heart has been taken care of by Indira Gandhi Hospital equipped with ultramodern medical devices and trained highly qualified doctors.

Today, Shirpur has been elevated on the National Map for Water conservation projects because of our prominent leader Shri amrishbhai Patel , which are synonymously known as ‘Shirpur Pattern’. These water conservation projects have drenched ground water level. You can get ample water at 60 feet which was earlier more than 300 ft.

Unique Asia’s biggest Gold Refinery, Airport with night landing facility gives a new edge in the industry outlook.

Shirpur for its novel and innovative practices has become Trend Setter in Maharashtra.

This overall development could possible because of the unparalleled vision of Hon’ble Shri Amrishbhai R. Patel, his younger brother Shri Bhupeshbhai R Patel and his team members.

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